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Dont sign up, they have no customer service. there is no way to ever talk to a live person with this company.

Everything is done only by email and they take 2 to 3 days to respond. They are very slow when investigating any claims, chargebacks, etc. They do not follow there own terms. If you dont want to be ripped off STAY AWAY!!!!!!

I have searched for a phone number for this company, I finally got one from my bank. It goes directly to a voice mail that nobody ever returns the call. They have been holding my money that a customer did a chargeback on me and then reversed the chargeback again because I fixed the problem with the customer, they have been holding my money they kept because of the chargeback for over 30 days even though the chargeback was canceled.

Im so pissed!!!! I will be talking to BBB and attorney.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Location: Riverside, California

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I've just run into the same thing as they just stole $105.15 from my account. Just notified the bank which had nothing good to say about these *** bags.


Square Cash has stolen money from me too!!! There are no numbers to call. DO NOT DOWNLOAD TIHIS APP!


They stole $1800 of mine and give me a *** automated answer to nothing. How do we get our money back?????


I just started square less than a week ago & they are ripping me off BIG TIME! They don't have a phone number neither do they reply any emails I've sent out. I don't know how they are still operating?!!!!


Paypal is no better. They do the same thing.

They freeze accounts also for no reason. So

think twice before using them as well.


Yep, I had a similar experience. They emailed me saying that will refer my missing money to their engineering department.

They're not trustworthy with larger amount of money than just babysitting payment amount.


These scammers should be hung by their sacks and get credit cards stuffed up their poopershoots


I had a customer purchase a piece of art from me on Feb 23rd, 2013 for $300. I swiped her card, she signed the iPhone and took her art piece.

A month later I get an email from Square concerning a chargeback. They are holding my money as of today, May 5th, 2013 although I sent them proof of the transaction, where I was, that I had witnesses, a photo of the iPhone signature and swipe info. I got a message each time stating they were investigating it. Now they won't even get back in touch with me.

No phone no., no one to speak with, no reply.

I'm so angry and don't know what to do next. :cry

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