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Back on Saturday, April 30th, 2016, I used my American Express Credit Card to pay my contractor $20,000.00 for a job that has Not Been Finished!

The way that I paid for this amount of money was by receiving an Invoice that my contractor sent to ME, however, Square, Inc. is the actual company that Charged My Credit Card and is the Same Company that is Responsible For Transferring My Money To Whoever I Wish To Pay which In My Case Was NEVER DONE!

I have waited Very Patiently For MY MONEY to be transferred to Mr. Justin Rivas, the Contractor and at least 18 Days Went By and Square, Inc. Deliberately and Purposely REFUSED TO TRANSFER OVER THE MONEY!

This Unprofessional and Dishonest Company was Illegally Holding My Money In Their Own Internal Account 100% Against My Will And Without My Legal Permission, Consent, Nor Authorization!

What Square, Inc. Has Committed Was FRAUD!

I can NOT tell you and reiterate on just How Many Times I Have Contacted The Horrible Square, Inc. No Customer Service Phone Number Of: 1-855-700-6000 to find out Why They Are Not Sending MY MONEY OVER TO MR. JUSTIN RIVAS, THE CONTRACTOR!

Guess What Their Response Is? Answer: We Can NOT Discuss This Issue With You and Can Only Talk To Mr. Justin Rivas About It!

My Response: That Does Not Make Any Sense Since It Was Me Who Initiated The $20,000.00 Payment To Begin With and It Was Done With My American Express Credit Card Which Is In My Name, NOT HIS!

Square, Inc.'s Customer Service Department did absolutely Nothing To Assist Me, Nor Help Me!

Furthermore, I did speak to Mr. Justin Rivas about it and he also called them many times ONLY to receive a Runaround, Lies and Mind Games stating that he did Not Fill Out The Paperwork Properly, or that he Needs To Resend Some Of The Same Documents Over And Over.

Even though he did as he was told, Square, Inc. still REFUSED TO SEND THE $20,000.00 DOLLARS OVER TO MR. JUSTIN RIVAS, THE CONTRACTOR!

I was so Angry and Pissed Off over this Type Of Abuse Coming From Square, Inc. that I tried to call their Customer Service Department back again and Dispute The Money and Have It Go Back To My American Express Credit Card and this is What Their Customer Service Screwed Up Department Told Me!

Square, Inc. Customer Service's Response: They told me that they can NOT Dispute The $20,000.00 for ME On My Behalf (Even Though I Am The Payer) and said that I need to contact American Express To Dispute It!


Please NOTE: I have NEVER had an experience like this one before and hopefully NEVER AGAIN!

Moving Forward: Back On, Monday, May 16th, 2016, I finally decided to Stop Waiting, Hoping and Dreaming for Square, Inc. to Transfer This Money To Mr. Justin, Rivas, The Contractor and instead I called up American Express and Filed A Dispute Against Square, Inc. For FRAUD!

Please NOTE: I Refuse to Pay For Fraud and Refuse to Pay For Something that I NEVER RECEIVED and Square, Inc. Must Have A Reputation at Doing This To Many Of Their Customers!

The Problem Is That Many Of Their Ex-Customers Are Afraid To Post Reviews On Their Negative Experiences because they are either Afraid or Scared Of The Outcome, Including Retaliation By The Company Which Rarely Happens, or Just Do Not Have The Time or Maybe They Simply Do Not Care To Let The Public Know On What Happened To Them And Would Rather Just Keep It Private!

However, I Dare To Be Different and I Am Blowing The Whistle Loud And Clear Against Square, Inc. To Let Them Know That You Can NOT Get Away With This!

At The Present Time, I Am Still Waiting For This Fraudulent Money Of $20,000.00 That Square, Inc. Stole And Held In Their Internal Company Account To Be Returned Back To American Express Since I Will NOT Pay For FRAUD!

I am also Making A Very Serious Recommendation To American Express To Cut Their Ties And Business Dealings With Square, Inc. In Order To Prevent This Type Of Fraud From Happening To Their Other Customers Like It Just Happened To ME!

Enclosed, in the attachments, please find seven (7) pages of communications that I had with Square, Inc., American Express and Mr. Justin Rivas, The Contractor for your reference and further review.

Final Thoughts: My Advice To Anyone Searching For A Way To Pay Somebody Is First Of All "NOT To Ever Consider Using Square, Inc."

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Howard Paul ShoreAngry, Unhappy And Pissed Off Ex-Customer Of Square, Inc.

/HPSEnclosures: Please See The Attachments For All Of The Communications That I Have Had With Square, Inc., American Express And Mr. Justin Rivas, The Contractor For Your Reference And Further Review. Thank You.

HOWARDSHORE1970 wrote the review because of "they stole my $20,000.00 and never transferred the money to the contractor, mr. justin rivas." at Square and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $20000 and wants Square to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was stole my 20000 dollars and held it in an internal account, never sent the 20000 dollars to justin rivas the contractor, customer service would not discuss the 20000 i had sent and customer service refused to let me dispute the 20000 dollars. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Ok ok I get it..Justin Rivas is a contractor

Redmond, Washington, United States #1251676

I agree.They are doing the same thing to me.

I am a muralist and completed the job. But because I recieve large amounts from various customers, they pinned me as a fraud and kept all my money. THe clients had been charged but themoney ahs never come to me. What is worse, Square pulled the same amount out of my bank.

SO they have twice the money. The clients were charged. The mural was complete, and the money never came to me AND they pulled out money from my account. They are not good and not to be trusted.

I have had the same experience with them.I am sorry this.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1213640

my friend in the auction/consignment business has had multiple high-value transactions delayed unnecessarily by square - and it's always some sort of administrative nonsense.

Mind you, none of the lower sub $500 transactions get delayed, its consistently amounts larger than that.

Square... raping clients for free interest.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1209587

Their customer service is a joke.Snooty kids that have no idea what they're talking about.

I think most of them live in some Silicon Valley fantasy world and have no idea for how their poor service hurts our businesses and reputations.Shame on them.

Blytheville, Arkansas, United States #1176585

We are having a horrible experience as well- I am so angry that I gave this company the power to halt my business WITHOUT any reason.

We have been customers for 4 years.

We are finding an alternative to square today.

Why are we all not putting together a class action law suit?These peolpe need to be shut down

to Anonymous #1207367

This happened to me today, have you received your funds?

to Anonymous #1223676

No se si alguien hable español , pero *** mi compania me la destruyeron llevo 15 días tratando de cobrar 11500 solares de 4 clientes y me pidieron mil papeles todos los días les envíe y no les importa solo después te hacen hacer refound para cobrar un dinero y robarlo ellos .Ahora tengo 2 clientes que no consigo y ellos mantienen mi dinero y me dijeron que me habían cerrado el servicio me han gritado me han tratado como delincuente y el servicio al cliente es el peor.

Quisiera entrar en una demanda colectiva perdí mi dinero no tengo como pagar la renta de mi negocio por este motivo si alguien entiende este mensaje por favor comuniques conmigo.Gracias Diana.

to Carito California, United States #1241822

Hola Diana.Yo y mi esposo tenemos un negocio de pisos.

Practicamente nos paso lo mismo *** la cantidad de $5230.00 se proceso el invoice de cliente despue de 2 dias nos mandaron un email acusando nuestro negocio de 10 anos de fraude. A las 48 hours mandaron otro e mail que congelaron los fondos por movimiento SOSPECHOSO y tomara 60 a 90 dias para re embolsar el dinero . Esta compania es un FRAUDE COMPLETO FRAUDE. This company is the worst I ever encountered.

Please be aware.

I never said anything bad about any business but this Company needs to be stop.Please be United and help to bring this Company to the END.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1281902

I am ready to jump on that class action lawsuit! They have been needing verification from all kinds of documents that they have no business looking at! We have been waiting since last Tuesday and still NO money!


So up to now you still have not received your funds?

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