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Doubly charged

Aware cash double charged my card for 1407.01 and 103.00 I’ve tried to contact them and got nothing!


Holding legitimate funds for no reason

I have had an account with square for approximately two years now I own a legitimate business that is a med spa doing Botox and dermal filler‘s. One of the bigger companies I purchase products from the Merz corporation supplies $50 prepaid gift cards for us to offer to our clients who purchase a certain amount of product with us per visit.

I offer these clients $50 off their purchase and then I redeem the $50 gift card and the Merz corporation puts the $50 back in my account so that I don’t actually lose any money by offering a discount to the client. They win because I purchase very high volume from them I win because I don’t lose any money and my clients win because they get a discount on their products. Recently square held almost $10,000 in funds from me because they said I was doing high-risk activity by cashing these $50 gift cards in I explain to them what they were for and they release the funds. In the last few days they held my funds again this time only $2300 but they deactivated my account and will not release my funds because they stated I am violating their terms.

I am a legitimate company using their service for legitimate legal purposes and they’re withholding my money for no cause and will not return any emails and give me any information or phone numbers to contact anyone at their office. Please help!


Unrecognizable Charge

I was billed $180 through Square. I don't know whon the merchant is, or what goods or service they provide.

I am certain that I didn't spend $180 anywhere. The charge is a complete mystery to me. Can you please help me? Is there a number i can call to speak with someone?

I believe this is an error and my bank told me I need to rectify this with you. Please contact me??!!

Thank you in advance for your help. Zac Koretz 847-867-7845


Why have you not credited the double charge on my account

Square cash double charged $110.00 on my account. They were supposed to put it back in. It's been 2 weeks.


They charged my credit card accidentally and I was told they would credit me back. However they never did and now i don;t know how to reach anyone with Square

They don't take phone calls.

I am surprised as I thought Square was a reputable and honest company.


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