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I have been square customer for the last five years. I loved the convenience very much.

But now suddenly my account go deactivated for no reason. Their phone is disabled. I could not get hold of them. I emailed several times but no response for about 3 days.

finally, on the 4th day, I got an email saying that my account is permanently deactivated for it is, I quote, ''High Risk''. I do not have any refund or complaint or what so ever from a customer. I never have any problem with any of my clients ever before. Not a single fraudulent charges.

Honestly, I do not know how square have evaluated my account or I do not know what they are using to measure how bad or good the account is. Even though, I do not have a single problem that can put my business to be at high Risk, now my business is hurting so bad. I am very, very frustrated and disappointed and I felt like I am abandoned. Now, I have to shut down my business until I get this thing fixed.

The sad thing is when I even try to sign up with pay Pal they didn't approve my business either since square screwed me up.

Square users be careful. It is better to deal with some bank that you can deal with in person.

Product or Service Mentioned: Square Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I have the same problem, I can't contact with support center to see how to fix or withdraw


This just happened to me today too after months and months of using it with no issues at all.Randomly I stopped being able to send or receive payments without explanation, emailed them yesterday, got an email today asking me to send a picture of my DL and my debit card on file showing only the last 4... did that, and they emailed back with the same saying they permanently deactivated my account for “high risk” activity.Fine, it’s stupid but fine.

But now I am worried about them having a photo of my ID, I shouldn’t have sent it and nowI’m paranoid about someone stealing my identity. Is that possible?

Ugh. Very high anxiety now.


This just happened to me on both of my accounts. I don't do a lot of processing, but I use it for my cat rescue and for my business.

Both accounts deactivated, no email.

Waiting for their response. Guess they aren't making enough money off of us.


Same thing happened to me and they said 'high risk' activity. I had it for several years and was using 2, maybe times a month. Luckily I was able to get my money in 2 -3 days.


Mine too very first payment nothing wrong with transaction customer purchased a wig and now they are holding their money.


Same experience. This is weird. Is it hacking?


Mine too, I’m so pissed


Mine was suddenly deactivated as well today. I have no idea why. Not good.


Sam thing happened to myself and our company and we only used their services for taking approx. 6 paymnets and all within £300 for household goods and they suddenly sent a email stating we are high risk???

Do not sign up and use this micky mouse outfit folks they will seriously let you down big time


Same thing with me, I needed money right away and sold my laptop used square for the transaction. I called them, I then sent some documents to show that the purchase was legit. They then said they would send the money on 1-2 days and then my account is deactivated


Square deleted my daughters account. Now, she has to wait 90 days to get her fundraising money.

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