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DI just learned that Square hasn't been depositing money into my account since September 14, 2021. They owe me over $2,900.00 of my money.

I have called over 11 times and the customer service is so horrible my account is worse. I have been bullied and talked to like I am a complete idiot. I have been in my industry for over 40 years and never had so many uneducated people try to blame me for their mistakes. Had been using square for over 5 years and no problems until September.

Not only have they messed up my account, but they refuse to take responsibility and send my money back to me. They want 1.5% to send my money back, which they messed up my account. I use this account for paying bills for the business, which means I made it through COVID, but this will close me down if I can't get my money back by this Friday. I have been working while going through chemotherapy, and this stupid company is causing me stress beyond belief.

I was called prejudice because I made a comment that I can't understand the English and how sad more USA CITIZENS aren't working. Furthermore, I have every nationality in my family including myself and my children, and I am offended to be called racist by a generation that has absolutely no idea. This is by far one of the worst customer service companies I have ever had the displeasure of being involved with. I want my money back and won't stop until I get what I worked for.

I feel like I have been robbed by Square and I know I am not alone, by reading many reviews of the same nature. Manager gives me an appointment to fix the problem and never followed through. Shame on this company and other than Small Claims court what else can we do? They say they want to help because thats how they are training them to make sure we hear that, yet blame us for their mistakes.

Sorry I am beyond mad at this horrible customer service and business.

Anyone else who knows how to get our money back please let me know. I have spent 2 days and over 13 hours on the phone.

Thank you for allowing us to vent

User's recommendation: Do not use this company for your small business.

Square Pros: Supposed ease of use.

Square Cons: Withholding funds, Not happy at all, Absence of communication.

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