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Received this in my email:


Square will debit your Bank account in the amount of $5,890.12. The funds will be withdrawn in one to two business days. To view your deposits withdrawals, visit the deposits page on your dashboard.

This withdrawal is a result of issuing a refund, receiving a charge back, a renewal of subscription pricing, or an account adjustment.


The Square Team


My company doesn't even use square! Must be a scam/phishing/bs marketing

This person wrote the review because of "phishing email/poor marketing ploy" of square account from Square. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Square to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was lack of security and fraudulent business practices. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Basically cash app is a fraud, I’ve been trying to get a hold of them for days and telling them I’ve been hacked and someone took my money from my bank and so I made a new account and called my bank to cancel my debit card cause my money been pulled out, so they emailed me saying they will cancel my account and I can’t use it anyone, geez thank you for trying to explain what happened, go ahead and cancel my account, I’ll get my money back any ways, we will see how many people I can tell this, I have emails to prove it,

Charleston, South Carolina, United States #1303440

Dear Customer,

You accepted a payment of $3580.00 from a card ending in 3861.However, the charge was disputed by the customer as unauthorized.

The disputed amount will be deducted subsequently from your daily square balances.

Your Square balance at the end of each business day will be sent to you via email.

I received th8is today, Do not have square account and never have.I know it is

a scam.


I have received these types of email many times. We have never or will ever use square in our business. I boot them into spam but they continue to come into my mailbox every few days..


Forward the email to spoof@squareup.com



I actually had over $500 taken from my checking account by Square and it might've been through a phishing scam.

I used Square Cash in March 2015 for reimbursement from two people.

Within two months, my Square account is deactivated indefinitely. I cannot reach ANY customer service rep. But since I didn't regularly use the app and I already got my funds i didn't care.

3/9/16, I get 30+ notifications that Square will be taking funds for all different small amounts under $100. All together over $500

Message says

"____ has filed a dispute for $___ that was sent to you on 3/11/15" 3/11/15**** Chargeback after 1 year that the funds cleared!!?

Has anyone heard of this or experienced this off of PayPal?! My checking account had 30 pending DEBITS draining money from my account. I call my bank, and they say its Square. But, I never bought anything and the money I received nearly 365 days ago cleared from their app into my checking without a problem.

I looked at credit card chargeback policies (visa/master/amex) and I can't find any processor that will grant disputes after 6 months. I don't have a Square account anymore remember? So, I cannot contact them. Luckily, this isn't a merchant that sent me money.

I contact the individual, and he states that he didn't initiate a chargeback and he can't dispute charges with his bank after 364 days. We've been in contact over 10 times since last March, and never did he mention a chargeback. By the way, he has received NO email from Square and no funds in his account either. I suggest if you've EVER used Square, you need to contact your bank and have them overnight you a new debit card.

Bank fraud specialist told me they only went after my bank card and cvv #. I think this company is beyond shady but also lacking the security they need to protect anyone who has ever used their service. Get a new debit card.

Do not use Square.Please reply if you guys have had this happen to you with Square or have had a chargeback after a year of the funds clearing.

to Anonymous #1159107

Our Company has recieved the same treatment.We have used square as our primary Credit Card Processor from Aug of 2014.

Then last week all of a sudden, we get a red notice on our dashboard that we need to validate our Business info.

We had done that when we signed up. I have sent them the info they had requested. Almost instantly,(within 30 min) Square sent us an email stating that our account had deactivated. Our customer #that we had, did immediately when we called support was not a valid #.

They are holding funds from us and say it will be 90 days before funds will be deposited. Luckily, it's less than $200. but now I have to go and apply for another merchant acct. Very Frustrating.

Will not refer them to anybody.They are THIEVES!


Got the exact same email and also do not have a Square account.


Google square and phishing, and I found this. I forwarded the suspect email: spoof@squareup.com

A similar notice from JPMorgan Chase today too.

The scammers are swimming.


I get them too.No one gives a *** about anyone anymore to stop this ***.

Of course it can be stopped. No one cares. You have to look out for yourselves these days at all costs.

You can't depend on anyone helping you if you get scammed or hit with identity theft.Makes me sick


I am receiving these same emails on a daily (or more) basis. I'm not too pleased.

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