Product or Service Mentioned: Square Account.

Reason of review: ROBBED!!!!.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Location: Forest Park, Georgia

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I am in for this for i have square over charging and not adding correctly when it comes to commissions and tips and also they have been taking money. i have calculated my workers pay and there is money missing and its not calculated correctly.


Same here.... Something needs to be done im at about 3200k locked. hit me up if your serious about the suit 714six59eighteight06


They are holding $600 Of mine...not as much as yours but that is money that belongs to me. I’m furious!


I have had the same experience. On 9/14/2020 deactivated my account without notice and are holding $1551.20. No phone support or response to my many email attempts.


Also, I meant to say that I have never banked with Wells Fargo, if that helps everyone to understand the "scenario" fabricated by Square. Again, I will move Heaven on Earth to get this ball rolling for all of us if it has not yet been started.

I will also do as another person on here stated that they were successful in involving their State AG.

I will keep everyone posted as to any news or Lord willing, a resolution. Lisa Gladwell


Oh, and the last 4 digits of my phone number is 7731 and the daycare is 8016. Why would they try to hide this information here is beyond me. Lisa Gladwell


So evidently this page edits the full email address. I am at yahoo on both. Lisa Gladwell


Dear fellow FAMILY members (because we all are INDEED family now in my book!) sckeningly, I just came across this page yesterday and I have read every single one all throughout the night with fire-breathing anger and furious tears. I praise God in Heaven for whomever started this page and that He lead me to all of you!

A) Has a class action suit been initiated for real by anyone on here? If so, please call me ASAP at (850) 490-****. PLEASE and THANK YOU! B) If not, I WILL initiate one TODAY on behalf of all of us.

My personal email is LDG1200****@***.com. My business email is SeasideCDC@***.com and my phone is above. Every single one of you can call me at any time. C) Here is our story: At first I started typing our start-up story of our small daycare in FL so that you could become as furious and sick to your stomach as I am, then it occurred to me that while sympathetic, the rest of you small business victims here each have your own similar, absolutely heartbreaking story to fuel everyone else's fire.

So, I'll try to keep it briefer. My disabled cancer patient husband and I own a small Christian daycare on the Gulf Coast of FL. I am also semi-disabled with 2 autoimmune diseases and a ridiculous gastric disorder that has made me take a step back from running things, although I still push my body beyond endurance to help my amazing staff who give me more than 300% of themselves every single day. We were officially open in the first quarter of 2017, so sometime later that year was when I first became a Square customer (my hairdresser used them and since it was less expensive than my bank, I went with them) to process debit/credit card payments from my families.

Never an issue whatsoever, not even the slightest inkling of anyone having issues. Until 2 weeks ago, 3/31/21. Throughout my time with them, I have taken out 3 small loans to tide us over in lean times. I appreciated the quick, easy process and the convenient repayment terms--a small percentage paid back through my daily transactions that made it a pain-free way to pay back.

I successfully paid back 2 at 2 different times; I have paid more than half now on a 3rd. I also received a PPP loan via them last year, again smooth sailing, and that has now been 100% forgiven. Grafeful for their assistance. So to say the least, I am shocked and sick at heart as to what I learned yesterday about this company.

Without any notice from Square whatsover, it dawned on me about 3-ish weeks ago that I had not been receiving any credit/debit card deposits into my bank account. When I or my staff run a transaction, I always receive an immediate email and that is how it occurred to me to start looking into things. Nervous to make payroll and my overwhelming bills, I began my inquiry. Square "investigated" also.

I spoke with a woman named "Leda" (sure!) on 3/31/21 who assured me that it looked indeed as though I had been a victim of fraud and that she "would escalate the matter to their fraud department and someone from that team would reach out to me asap, but that it could take up to 7 business day." In the meantime, I reported to my bank and have continued to monitor daily (as I do anyway). I called them the next day anyway to get an update. I was told that: it "appeared" that "someone" had created 4 attempts to set up bank accounts with Wells Fargo, of whom I have banked with. They said that all had been created under my name but not my Social.

They gave me the dates each were "opened" or attempted to be open and also the last 3 digits of each "account." They said the first one was successfully opened and my deposits had been rerouted to that account, but it was unclear exactly how much was transferred given a gray area that I'll explain better. They said it did not appear that my linked bank account had been compromised however, which is odd. I mean, a thief is a thief; if a true scammer had stolen my login info to Square, which is what Square indicated, and absconded with my money, wouldn't it make sense, hello?, to take the easy pickings from the platter from my account which would have been wide open to "them?" I immediately notified my bank via CSR and in person. They could see no fraudulent activity, naturally, because nothing has been done to my bank account.

So Square appeared to be "investigating" and would both call back and email me. Do you see where I am going with this? Wells Fargo initially gave me the impression that they could not help me, that they were unable to pull up any accounts using the "last 3 digits" of those 4 "accounts" and my name. Nothing showed up in their system using my name, which is somewhat uncommon, and only 3 digits was IMPOSSIBLE for them.

Frustrated, I couldn't grasp why WF seemed to be as in the dark as I and I even chewed them out for their inability to do so. Stay with me here--because your story is my story. I filed a report with our local Sheriff's Dept. to begin my paper trail.

I put new fraud alerts on my Social with each of the credit bureaus as per a "directive" from Square. Evidently they thought this would make "them" appear to be helpful. Sidebar: I realized that I did have "notifications" on my Square dashboard that I had not noticed. Another red flag!

Why on my dashboard alone and not in my email?????? On this, I learned that 2 fraudulent credit card attempts appeared to have been made on our end to 2 non-existing unknown customers. The first one had been attempted on 3/4/21 in the amount of $2,830.07. On 3/14/21, this "transaction" was disputed by the "customer who had no knowledge of the transaction." Hmmmm......On 3/9/21, another "transaction" this time for $2 less of $2,828.07 was attempted and "disputed" with the same message a couple days later.

As I said, I received no notification from Square about these alleged "mistakes." I can see the dates, the times these transactions were "keyed in at the POS", allegedly at my computer terminal (I no longer utilize the card reader since we have successfully been entering it on the computer), the last 4 digits of the first card, Discover, and the 2nd, Visa, and initial "authorization codes." I interrogated all of my staff thinking that one of them had accidentally keyed in too many numbers of a client's daycare fees as this has accidentally happened a time or so in the past. None of my clients reported being overcharge and trust me, they would have immediately done so had we made such an error!! I reviewed my camera footage to see who might have been in the office/lobby on those days and times. While I was out, we were so shorthanded that not even my beloved Dir.

or Asst. Dir. had been anywhere near the office at those times, nor did any of my clients show up (which of course I knew they would not). Worried now that 2 unknown persons would try to come after us for fraudulent attempts and blast our reputation or sue us (but guess what?

the CSR that I had grilled the ONE day that I was able to speak to someone "patiently" took "all the time in the world, ma'am, to answer any and all questions to assure me" stated that "no, that could not happen but IF it DID, to refer the other victims to Square). Isn't that sweet that they would "handle it" for me, "so please don't worry, ma'am" ???? It is also interesting to note that when I also inquired during this conversation that IF Square and Wells Fargo were able to track down the scammers and we reached the prosecution stage--especially after I stated that if that should happen that INDEED I would prosecute the *** out of the thieves--that I've had no more communication with Square???? Oy, vey, I unknowingly sealed my fate apparently.

8 days go by. No return calls, no emails. Last Friday April 9th, I called Square for an "update." I was told by the CSR rep that he "would escalate the report to the investigate team" ("Leda" had already "done" this) and since none of the team members were responding to the rep's email communication, I was told that the rep would standby and call me back by 9pm my time before they closed for the day. No call.

Yesterday, April 13th, I began trying to call them. All of the prompts seemed to inactive to anything I pressed. When I pressed 9 to "speak to a CSR," a recording repeatedly stated that my account was "under review" and that I would be contacted when complete and then each time I tried thereafter, the "system" would then disconnect. I put in a prompt to receive a return call twice.

I did it a 2nd time after waiting out the "less than 5 minute wait" in the queue. A short while later, I received a call from a male, from India no less, whom I could not understand nor could I understand because of a "poor connection." I stated to him that "by all that is Holy, I would wait no longer and that I wanted a return call ASAP from someone that I could hear and understand. "Yes, ma'am. Let me call you right back." Almost immediately I get a call from a female whom I could understand.

As we began to speak, the first male called back and "somehow" both calls got dropped. The male left a voicemail asking me to call back to that same CSR number on their page and showed on my screen. Evidently the voicemail was just to make it appear that "we did contact you, ma'am." After that, I repeatedly tried to call back, over and over and over again, to no avail. How is it possible for an agency so large that they had no employees whatsoever to answer the damn phones in the middle of a weekday??????

They knew then that I was on to them, however, my suspicious brain had not yet been activated. So I kept trying thinking they were having phone issues. I responded to the computer prompts on their site of "How can I help you today?" Now I am from WV initially and I ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer nor the brightest crayon in the box at times (sorry, cousins from WV, JK!), so it took me awhile to figure out that I was only communicating with a computer bot, not a real LIVE person. This was confirmed after I repeatedly "screamed" in typing and when I lost my Christian bearing and dropped the F bomb.

The response, "I don't understand that inquiry. Someone from CSR will reach out to you once your dispute is no longer being reviewed." Well, *** So at that point my husband began checking reviews as my brain cells slowly kicked in and began to smell the rats. He discovered that Square continued to have great reviews up until about Jan./Feb. of this year, then they all plummeted to 1's and he began reading reviews of fraud against them out loud to me as I continued with my phone game.

Then I found you, family. IF a class action suit has not yet been initiated, I WILL start it TODAY on behalf of all of us! We will be praying for every one of you and I WILL do everything in my power to get satisfaction for all of us! If I have to hold a National Press Conference, I have the balls to do so!

For the local gentleman Shane in Pensacola, in particular I am hoping to hear from you directly and in the hope that we could meet in person to help establish a team.

Again, (850) 490-**** is my personal cell and my daycare in Gulf Breeze is (850) 203-****, although I will be in and out of there for the rest of this week and Monday as we were forced to close again for the Government induced "pandemic!" I am here for all of you! Sincerely, Lisa Gladwell


So we finally got our $16,000 from them. After they played games of sending me letters 2 times after the first date the money was suppose to be released saying "Due to a recent charge back on your account", when that was not true.

I was given my money finally after they held onto it for a long 7 months. If it wasn't for a family member who loaned me the money our business would not have survived. Square it he worst....I will spend my life making sure people know how awful, thieves and liars that they are!!!!

I wish everyone the best of luck on getting their money back. This should be so illegal....I hope you take them down....


Hi, Maddalynn--can you please share a little more of how you were able to finally receive your stolen funds? Like, were you successful with an atty.

or your state's Attorney General, as someone else recommended? I am just now getting ready to file with them, a BBB complaint, a new Sheriff's Dept. report, a formal report to both my bank and to Wells Fargo, the alleged "criminal" in my case, etc. I will contact every news agency in the country as well to move forward as I am as relentless as a wolverine as well.

And if a class action suit has not already been initiated, I WILL be doing so today.

Please join me if you can! Lisa Gladwell 850-490-**** (I now know this page hides the last 4 digits and our email addresses, so it is 7731) and my email is LDG1200****@***.com (that is yahoo)


I need to file a lawsuit too. I can't get my $111.00 back that I was scammed out of.

My financial institution investigated my issue with the vendor and they received a letter back stating that my money is in my old cash app account that I can't access. The instructions Cash App gave me to try and log back in does not work!

I can't Cash App is giving me the run around. So I guess they are going to keep my money......They make me sick!!!


They are holding my money . I can’t get a code to even get in contact with them . Everything their telling me to do won’t work


They have over 5000$ of mike froze my account deactivated it !!! No reply’s no emails not calls accepted no nothing ! I will burn there *** building down


They just did that to me. I'll join one.

I'm out $1000 in their hardware. Unusable to me now that they've deactivated my account.


I’d like to join the lawsuit too. They owe me over $4000.


Same! 1,200 and no rely.

How do they get away with this???

It’s over 90 days. Now what??!


I would like to kick the @&@$ out of anyone who works for cash app! They owe me 310! Cowards don’t even hv a phone line!


I would like to be a part of it as well.


Yes I have a small business mother of 4 grandmother of 6 I have been on *** of being put out of my home my business is on *** of eviction cause square has almost 8,700 of my money bill money plus money to get products for my business can’t call them they shut you down every time you talk to them this was in sept 2020 and they say I can get my money back 12/29/20 this is ridiculous I need help


I need to file Suit as well. They had recorded all the transactions under my personal instead of my business now IRS is after me for a large sum. They also deactivated my account and pout me on MATCH list with no reason or way to dispute.

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