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I will start off with if you switched to Square for any reason, you are not protected and you have made a grave mistake. If you process high dollar amount product and have proof of delivery, you are still not safe from chargebacks from Square. I had a few chargebacks that were not justified (people just trying to reverse charges for shipping). Giving Square the terms of our site, proof of delivery and every documentation needed to show we did everything legally they held our funds. They went past the 30-60 days and then stated "I HAVE BEATEN THE CHARGEBACK BUT THEY ARE STILL GOING TO HOLD THE FUNDS FOR ANOTHER 60-90 DAYS IN THE EVENT THEY FILE ANOTHER CHARGE BACK AGAIN! How can they do that and go against their terms of service. I will be filing a complaint through BBB and IC3 for this financial scam they are pulling. SQUAREUP / SQUARE CREDIT CARD PROCESSING REVIEW: SCAM, NO MERCHANT PROTECTION, JUST LIKE PAYPAL IN MOST BUSINESS PRACTICES. DO NOT USE THIS CREDIT CARD PROCESSING. YOU WILL NOT BE PROTECTED!!!!
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the bbb does nothing to help ive been waiting 5 months for my money and nothing i was reading their terms and conditions and on there it states that money that is held for 2 years will become theirs this is not right


I have had four chargebacks with square that were obvious that the chargeback was unfounded. Square never would represent us and always returned the funds.


Move over "Bernie"......You may be getting a new "cell mate" soon!


I used squareup for my business and it was the worst thing i did. My company sells a high price item .

We recieved a chargeback and with out any notice from squareup they took the money out of my bank account. The customer had the system for 97 days which was way past our cancellation date.

Now I use

The fee are much lower and they give me cash back on transaction .

If you use the the 4 digit code 3149 you get free equipment . They will beat any merchant fee's so you can save money

Tony Young


Being judged and sentenced without being heard or defended, that describe charge back from Square. I had one customer taken money out of my bank account without me being contacted or questioned, or even weighted to evaluate if the charge back was legitimate or not.

Plain and simple, a customer just got my services, and stole the money back. I had no hearing, no defense, and not notice.

It is that fair? Be aware of this practice that legitimate an activity that has not other name; a legal ways to receive service and products for free.


Same issue as all the rest. I won't be using square ever again. Braintree is a little more tricky to set up but their next-day deposits NEVER falter.


Negative Reviews and Complaints:

A quick Google search will produce way more feedback on Square then you could ever hope to read. Here is a summary of the most common complaints.

Terrible Support - This is the number one complaint lodged against Square. Some Square merchants even go so far as to suggest that Square is a "scam" because of their appalling track record of processing funds that have been placed on hold. Square support indicates that they will respond to email inquiries within 24 hours. The time frame is sometimes closer to 2-3 days according to a slew of frustrated merchant reports.

Issues with Deposits - Difficulty with inaccessible funds is a close second in the complaints department. Square's aggressive fraud prevention tactics have put many small businesses in a position where they can't access their income because their transactions have raised a general red flag for any number of reasons.

Crashes and Bugs - The Square interface isn't perfect. Numerous Square merchants report that they regularly have to reboot after crashes. Other common issues include malfunctioning credit card swipes and occasional bugs. :eek


I confirm Square most certainly deserves a big fat F for customer service. I literally received the worst customer service of my life from this product.

I have been working for the past couple months to start a nonprofit organization with a few other founding members. We decided to have a fundraiser to kick things off just recently. Several weeks before the fundraiser we bought two Square readers to take credit card donations during the fundraiser. On the Square reader box, it says it only takes a few minutes to get you up and running and accepting credit card payments (They are flat out lying about this; total false advertising here.) So a few days before the event we decided we should probably get the square readers set up so we didn't have to do it last minute. Then the nightmare began....

There is no possible way to get the Square reader to start accepting credit cards in a matter of minutes because you have to wait 1 to 3 business days for them to deposit two test deposits into your bank account to verify all of your information.

Because it was going to take 1 to 3 days, we freaked out and tried to contact them directly. As mentioned in the review, they have no customer service number where you can actually talk to someone. All they have is a number with an automated message telling you to contact their customer service email and you'll receive an email back within a "prompt" 24 HOURS!!

So... emailed them with an urgent request to get our accounts up and running asap and to contact me via phone so we could get it all figured out soon. NEVER received a phone call, only sporadic emails over the course of 3 days that were of absolutely no help. Actually, we finally received our test deposits and had set up our account to receive credit card payments the day of our fundraiser and then I get an email back from the "customer service" person that he found something wrong with the information I gave him and so he DEACTIVATED OUR ACCOUNT on the day of our fundraiser and said he could try again within 7-10 business days!! Are you kidding me?? He never tried to verify or confirm any of the information I gave him. He probably inputed it wrong since we were able to do it on the website ourselves. Yet, he took the liberty to deactivate our account and make it impossible for us to receive credit card payments on the day of our fundraiser.

The day of I received NO response from customer service although I flooded their inbox with between 75 to 100 emails in hopes of getting it all figured out before our fundraiser began. Again... this was by far the worst experience in customer service in my life. I highly suggest waiting until there is a direct customer service line before ever attempting to use this service.


I rent high end beach property on he east coast $10,000 a week avg billing- I can not get my initial payments transferred to my bank account, This is my customers money- i will have to pay this out of my own pocket !




be scared of square !!

STAY AWAY !!!!!!!!


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Buyer Beware!

BUYER BEWARE! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.This Company is some kind of a SCAM.They are holding over 50K of our Companies funds and some payments have been held for over two months. Can not speak to a human, only e-mail & no response. All of my customers say their credit card was charged long ago and some have even paid their bills yet Square refuses to deposit funds in our account. They have my customers payment to me and they will not release it. They have no reason to hold funds and are interfering with our business. Follow up............It has been over a year and Square still will not release all of our funds. Square Review & complaints with the BBB in the last 12 months.Square Sqareup Square, Jack dorsey, james mcKelvey, squareup, square up,keith rabois BEWARE! THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM ~ YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR MONEY! THEY HAVE STOLEN 50K FROM OUR COMAPANY AND HAVE NO PHONE!!! DO NOT RETURN CALLS OR EMAILS San Francisco, California
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These scammers should be hung by their sacks and get credit cards stuffed up their poopershoots

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Naples, Florida

Do not Do Not use this company this company is full of ***

Used credit processor which led to them holding my money of the amount of 7000 dollars,my account was frozen when I tried calling the person on the phone spoke rudly and said the moneys will held for up to 7 to 10 days. Other reviews stated their money was held up to 30 days. I own my own business and after the second use this company asked for my business license and three bank statements there was no way after the fact my money would be held because of that after using it for the second time why not the first time I asked the phone rep for this company. she had not answer. It now out of my there hand and My costume has to wait for his product my disable customer repeat disabled customer for mow over a month and half.when canceling the company then tried to return the money by taking the funds from my personal banking account. Full of *** Hold up my business....
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they are holding 3000 of mine i contact the board members and they wont even do anything, *** company

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This company steals hard earned money and has NO live customer service

Dont sign up, they have no customer service. there is no way to ever talk to a live person with this company. Everything is done only by email and they take 2 to 3 days to respond. They are very slow when investigating any claims, chargebacks, etc. They do not follow there own terms. If you dont want to be ripped off STAY AWAY!!!!!! I have searched for a phone number for this company, I finally got one from my bank. It goes directly to a voice mail that nobody ever returns the call. They have been holding my money that a customer did a chargeback on me and then reversed the chargeback again because I fixed the problem with the customer, they have been holding my money they kept because of the chargeback for over 30 days even though the chargeback was canceled. Im so pissed!!!! I will be talking to BBB and attorney.
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I've just run into the same thing as they just stole $105.15 from my account. Just notified the bank which had nothing good to say about these *** bags.


Square Cash has stolen money from me too!!! There are no numbers to call. DO NOT DOWNLOAD TIHIS APP!


They stole $1800 of mine and give me a *** automated answer to nothing. How do we get our money back?????


I just started square less than a week ago & they are ripping me off BIG TIME! They don't have a phone number neither do they reply any emails I've sent out. I don't know how they are still operating?!!!!


Paypal is no better. They do the same thing.

They freeze accounts also for no reason. So

think twice before using them as well.


Yep, I had a similar experience. They emailed me saying that will refer my missing money to their engineering department.

They're not trustworthy with larger amount of money than just babysitting payment amount.


These scammers should be hung by their sacks and get credit cards stuffed up their poopershoots


I had a customer purchase a piece of art from me on Feb 23rd, 2013 for $300. I swiped her card, she signed the iPhone and took her art piece.

A month later I get an email from Square concerning a chargeback. They are holding my money as of today, May 5th, 2013 although I sent them proof of the transaction, where I was, that I had witnesses, a photo of the iPhone signature and swipe info. I got a message each time stating they were investigating it. Now they won't even get back in touch with me.

No phone no., no one to speak with, no reply.

I'm so angry and don't know what to do next. :cry

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