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I just signed up with square two weeks ago. After processing $560.00, they decided to ask for additional verification of my business. I provided them everything they requested, including customer correspondence verifying the charges. The next think I know is that my account is closed and they are holding my money for 90 days. The only charges I've processed are from customers that have been regulars of mine for 1 to 3 years. None of my customers... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 2 days ago
  • #964451

Poor customer service. I've been asked to refund customer chargeback for services I rendered. The customer contact his company twice to correct the matter. The customs attempted to talk to square rep only to be hung up on.

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 30
  • #963986

I had a square account until they close my account for God only knows why and they have been holding my money from me for almost a year yes $2800 from me and that's not right because you decided that they wanted to close my account and no way of getting a hold of anyone that's not right my most all get together and take square *** down.

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 29
  • #963844

My account was closed after what they deemed high risk activity?! What?!?! Cant contact them. They totally cut me off. Id like to know what exactly is high risk. I didnt do anything wrong and my transactions and books are available for their review anytime. Nothing illegal here?!?

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Stay far away from this company I had just started a small business and received my initial sales then out of the blue received an email with a notification that I was high risk and they were deactivating my account and to add insult to injury they stated they were holding my money for 90 days which is now threatening my new business I then decided to contact them but to no avail due to the fact that my account was deactivated I was only allowed... Read more

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I have had the absolute worst experience with square! They automatically withdraw funds from your acc. Hold it for 90 days when false claims have been made!!and You have no say in the matter and no one to discuss the issue with but all you can do is hope you get your money back!! Huh highway robbery all day long!!!! I replied to dispute and submitted receipts along with customers signatures as they the card holder handed me their cards signed... Read more

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I had account since 2014, added item to my store so customer can pay online and Square put funds on hold for 4 days and request I send them 3 months of my bank statement. Ridiculous and why not verify account information at the time the account was open2 yrs ago, never any fraudulent activity ever. Customer very upset, bad for my business! Square is a loser, stay away, PayPal is the best option and they are better to work with without the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 22
  • #959731

A good way to avoid them from stealing your money.. call your bank! My bank put a block on my account to stop them from getting in and redispersied my funds that square stole from me!!!! Square is a scam and a joke. Hope this helps some of you out there!

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I used Square for a bit back in 2011 with no issue but business closed. I recently opened another business and decided to go back with Square. After my first sale on the new account was taken, and I received an email that had me going through every hoop they demanded. Contractor licencing proof,3 bank statement,state tax id #, contracts with clients on & on. I get email next day (no deposit of funds) stating funds were seized to cover... Read more

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My manufacturing lab for e-liquids have been using Square since May, today we found out that they were holding $12,000 of our money! There reasoning was because we are a Vape company. And the only way for us to get our money back is if we leave their company. Don't worry Square we will find a more liable company, and not deal with such a downgrading company as you could possibly be. Don't waste your time with this company, if they are willing to... Read more

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